Online Security of Apps with multi-factor authentication

Online world needs to be secure if you want to protect your data from any harm and bad intentions. To ensure the increased security, many apps and platforms have enabled two-factor authentication for advanced security of the accounts of the users.

  1. LastPass – secure passwords with multi-factor authentication

Users who use the LastPass password storage service should also enable multi-factor authentication here. Options for activating additional authentications are also available in the account settings. After activation, you can still log in with your user name and password. The PIN must then be entered for further login. Lastpass also supports the Google Authenticator here, which will also be discussed in this post.

  1. Amazon Web Services

Those who rely on the professional cloud service Amazon Web Services can secure access to the admin console with multi-factor authentication. A free app is available for registration, or a hardware device and smartcard registration. The virtual login supports apps like Google Authenticator or Authi 2-Factor Authentication .

3.    Salesforce – Professional and secure CRM with multi-way authentication

Many companies use Salesforce as a cloud CRM solution. Since customer data is also stored here in addition to your own data, multi-way authentication is particularly important. Salesforce therefore also offers the establishment of multi-way authentication . Either an app for the smartphone or a PIN that is sent via SMS serve as additional protection.

4.    Google Authenticator – Mobile app for multi-way authentication

Google offers Google Authenticator a free app that can be used to secure its own services using multi-way authentication. In addition to Google services, other cloud services also support the Google Authenticator as an option for multi-way authentication, for example LastPass and Amazon Web Services.

The app is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Services that support the Google Authenticator can be secured with multi-way authentication. The user logs on to the service as normal, activates multi-way authentication and installs Google Authenticator. The additional PIN is then generated within the app. In general, no online connection of the smartphone is necessary.

5.    WinAuth – Use multi-way authentication with open source

WinAuth is an open source tool that users can use to configure Windows, but also other programs and services, with multi-way authentication. The tool can be used with various services, including many online games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Co.

The advantage of WinAuth is the free protection against password theft and stolen accounts. With the Add button, users add services for logging in with WinAuth, with the gear icon the standard settings of the tool can be adjusted. If the required service is not displayed here, it can often be imported via an XML file. Here you should ask the provider of the corresponding service. Many settings can also be added manually by selecting Authenticator. The data that the unsupported service recommends must be entered here.

6.    Secure your Google account

Google accounts are especially important when using Android , but also when users want to synchronize Chrome’s settings and favorites between different devices. After logging in to Google, two-way authentication can also be used here . The settings for this can be found in the account settings under Registration & Security. The function can be activated in two steps by confirming in the Password & Registration Process area. The wizard for setting up two-way authentication begins with Start now.

7.    LinkedIn – professional networking, secured with two-way authentication

If you use LinkedIn as a professional social network, you can also activate multi-way authentication here. To do this,

  • Click on Data Protection \ Securityin the settings.
  • The Two-Step Authenticationoption is available in the Security
  • Click the Changelink and then activate it to start the wizard for setting up multi-factor authentication.

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