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Facebook dominates, but Snapchat is catching up

The WhatsApp messenger app clearly dominated the download charts of German smartphone users last year. However, with a total of more than 10 million downloads, Snapchat has now overtaken its competitor Instagram in the favor of German users. The question is: how much longer?

There was no getting around WhatsApp in 2016 either: On Android and Apple smartphones, Messenger took first place in the download charts last year, according to calculations by Priori Data. The communication tool has been installed on Android devices around 22 million times; The Berlin-based calculations show that the application was downloaded another 7 million times from the Apple Store.

Climber of the year

However, Snapchat is the climber of the year. The app, which automatically deletes photos and videos, achieved more than 10 million downloads in Germany on both systems. With this, Snapchat has already overtaken the competing offer Instagram from Facebook in the favor of German users. Instagram reached a total of around 8 million downloads but is now copying many features of Snapchat. Apparently with success: Since Instagram activated its “Stories” feature, the growth of Snapchat has been significantly weaker. In the fourth quarter, only five million users were added, after more than ten million users had been gained in the previous quarters. At the same time, the intensity of use also decreased: Nick Cicero, head of video analytics specialists Delmondo, who analyzed 21,500 Snapchat stories. The upcoming IPO of Snap Inc. should be exciting, especially since the loss rose to $ 515 million last year. With a turnover of 405 million dollars, the rating depends again solely on the growth imagination, which raises some doubts in the user numbers. However, Snap has called itself a camera company and apparently relies more on hardware like its Spectacles glasses.

The statistics only show the downloads, not active users. Apple and Google, the two dominant manufacturers of smartphone operating systems, have of course preinstalled their apps on their devices; accordingly, their apps only appear in the download rankings of the competition. However, Apple has not placed a single app in the top 10 Android users; After all, Google is twice in the top group of iPhone users with Youtube and Maps.


As expected, the shopping segment is dominated by Amazon; eBay has a clear lead among classifieds apps. When it comes to music, world market leader Spotify has achieved the most downloads. Unlike in the shopping market, in which Amazon is further expanding its market position, the music market should be exciting this year, because Spotify has to defend itself against two digital giants: Apple and Amazon are pushing their way into the market with power and a lot of money.

Even spoiled mothers’ boys can become something. Evan Spiegel is the living example of this: “Life is not fair. It’s not about working harder, it’s about using the system,” is one of his sentences. Spiegel learned early on how the “system” works. His admission to the elite Stanford University was preceded by targeted “donations” from his father John. When the influential top lawyer refused to buy his 17-year-old son the desired 367-horsepower BMW for $ 75,000, Evan turned to his mother Melissa, also a respected lawyer and newly separated from his father, who gave her son the toy ordered immediately.

Today, at 26, Evan Spiegel drives Ferrari, flies’ helicopters, and is one of the youngest billionaires of all time with a fortune of 2.1 billion dollars. And yet he will not be remembered for his wild parties, his misogynistic emails from his student days, or his upcoming wedding to top model Miranda Kerr. But as the man who turned down Mark Zuckerberg’s three billion-dollar offer. In 2013, when Snapchat was “only” worth $ 800 million, the Facebook boss wanted to pay the amount in cash.

Spiegel’s big goal: to overthrow Zuckerberg from the throne

Zuckerberg has a nose for trends – and he was right with Snapchat: The app is now number one among young people in the USA: 150 million users a day, estimated company value of $ 20 billion – and the only serious challenger to Facebook. That is exactly what drives Spiegel, say those who know him: He wants to oust Zuckerberg, the king of Silicon Valley, from his throne.

Zuckerberg knows for sure:

If someone from the tech world can advance into his league, it is Spiegel. The parallels to his own rise are obvious. Zuckerberg is also a dropout. Zuckerberg also booted out a previous comrade, which ended in a court settlement. At a young age, he also turned down a billion-dollar offer because he wanted to build something big. He too does not allow anyone to dissuade him from his path.

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